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Facilitation is the next great leadership skill.

Navigate Politics And Hierarchy
Influence and Lead Real Change
Rally A Team Around A Common Goal
Lead Functional Collaboration
Get Sh!t Done

Facilitators are NOT:

Build an A-TEAM of internal facilitators and leaders.

NEON Facilitation Training

Our interactive training is designed to create internal facilitators and innovation leaders. We focus on practical methods and adaptability for any type of challenge, and bring in elements of communication and body language training for people ready to lead anything.

We take the best theoretical frameworks—including design sprints, design thinking, agile, lean business development and even some of our own—and make them accessible, scalable and foolproof. Your team learns methods they can use in their daily work starting tomorrow.
The facilitators we train don’t wait for perfect Design Sprint or workshop conditions to use their skills. They become an internal team of leaders who make every collaboration more productive and valuable.

A note about remote

With distributed and virtual teams, facilitation is even more critical of a skill. Our collaboration must be optimized when virtual, and conversation must be directed to be productive. Don’t just meet—facilitate!

Our training is built for both in-person and virtual training, and teaches methods for both.

From our training:

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We create safe spaces for teams to learn, experiment & transform.