New ways of working for a changing world.

We built our services like products.

Our programs were developed, tested and validated with some of the greatest product teams in the world. They won’t expire with changing methods or industry trends—and we continue to improve them as we learn.


Each training is customised to your specific challenges and your team’s needs. Frameworks are like templates to help the team continue collaborating and sharing the results with other parts of the organisation. 

Everything was created from the beginning to be experienced both virtually and in person.

Meet the NEON
Discovery Suite:


Our first call with you is a complementary workshop, and we begin collaborating immediately to understand what has already been done, what exists and what is missing.

Collaboration Discovery

Reduce meetings and friction, increase productivity and motivation, and reach faster outcomes with training that scales itself internally.


Launch a successful product by aligning stakeholders and teams while reducing risks, time and resources in this multi-phased roadmap. 

We call it discovery because we help teams uncover challenges and co-create the solutions. There is no right answer.

NEON Trainings:

Facilitation Leadership Training

Build an A-team of internal facilitators. Enable your high potentials and future leaders to inspire and lead a team to consensus, equalise ideation and foster true collaboration.

Design Sprints for Executives

A high-level introduction and overview of Design Sprints and understanding of how they can be applied specifically to your organisation. 

Design Sprints for Facilitators

Advanced training for internal facilitators who have already trained in and completed design sprints; customised to tackle the specific obstacles they encounter.

You don't need everything, and we won't sell it to you.We use what you have and fill in what is needed.

Virtual Trainings

All of our training is designed for virtual and in-person; these two brief trainings are specifically for improving virtual work.

Advancing Virtual Collaboration

A three-day virtual training for creating, structuring and leading effective virtual work. 

Managing Virtual Energy

A two-hour virtual training with practical skills to bring energy, enthusiasm, productivity and motivation to virtual work.

Tool-agnostic solutions for better work today.