You don't have a meetings problem.

It's a facilitation problem if:

More Time Spent In Meetings Than Working

Difficulty Reaching Consensus

The Loudest Voice Is Hear The Most

Contradicting Opinions On Direction — After Project Has Started

A NEON expert facilitator can help you:

A note about remote


Virtual work exposes and emphasizes the issues that already exist in on-site work.


Our methods were built to solve these challenges and work flexibly in either virtual or onsite settings. We have strong opinions about which technologies are best for virtual collaboration, and a host of methods to overcome remote obstacles.

Why hire an external facilitator?

Experience. A skilled facilitator can navigate internal politics, manage meeting dynamics with reduced tension, dive deep into the real issues and lead a team to success.

Objectivity & Impartiality. Outside facilitators bring an independent, neutral perspective and have greater authority during the collaboration, allowing them to resolve conflicts and alternative viewpoints without creating imbalances.

Risk reduction. Our facilitators have extensive backgrounds in launching successful products and bring knowledge and experience to reduce innovation risk through effective agendas, concept validation and strategic decision-making.

Focus. Professional facilitators focus the team on an aligned and clear goal, keep conversation productive and directional, and keep the team from becoming misaligned as they pursue the project.

We'll facilitate or teach you how.